Email Marketing


Mass e-mail Advertising & Newsletters

Send your advertising & newsletters by email marketing to your clients or new audience,
after each campaign you receive a detail report about who interact (open, click, delete).

we do not spam and we are looking from you to do the same.

email marketing in Lebanon

– 175,000 Companies emails (Registered companies & Business people)
– 175,000 Business emails (Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry, Shops…)
– 350,000 Profession emails (Syndicates, Dr., Engineers, Lawyers,…)
– 525,000 Employees emails (Employees do not own a business)

Send your CV by email 

– 175,000 Companies HR emails in Lebanon

email marketing in Dubai UAE

– 292.583 Companies emails (Registered companies; Business people)
– 237.814 Property Owner (People who own properties in UAE)
– 514.667 Business (Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry, Shops…)
– 463.562 e-commerce user (purchase online active users)
– 2.567.192 Public (Employees)

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